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Phases of grain processing

  1. After having been conveyed from the silos the grain goes over electronic scales. Before entering the grinding mills, the grain undergoes a cleaning process.
  2. Then the grain goes through a hectoliter and moisture of the dry grain measuring equipment. Depending on the results, the necessary level of dampening is set.
  3. After having been intensely cleaned and dampened, the grain goes over second scales for grinding.
  4. Seven duplex grinding mills of an 11.2 m length do the basic technological process, or the grinding.

From each grinding mill the product goes pneumatically for sifting in fractions to the plansifters (1 4-compartment and the other 6-compartment ones) of a total 50 square metres sifting area.

The sieves are 160 to 100 microns large.

Various fractions pass through the plansifter and each duplex grinding mill has a separate passage.

The production process is under constant control and samples for analysis are taken each 40 minutes. The chief technologist, the shift foreman and laboratory assistants work as a team.

The entire technological process ( from conveying the grain from the silos to the finished products) lasts for 29 hours.